Bsv Challenge AndrewR

For the past week we have been learning about the reaction between baking soda and vinegar. Now we have a challenge to find the best combination to make the best reaction. We were only allowed 60g max of 80% Baking Soda and 5% Acidic acid. We also learned a mathematical calculation on how to predict which combination of the 2 would make the ping pong ball go the
highest. When i finished the calculations i got approximately 4.83g of BS and 55.17g of Vinegar. However before i could start the experiment I had to pick another combination without using any calculations. I came up with 11g of baking soda and 49g of vinegar off the top of my head. For some reason the first combination only went 60cm high, But the second experiment went 65cm high. the first experiment was the calculated best combination of 4.83g of BS and 55.17g of Vinegar. but the second one was just a random combination i just came up with. I could have easily made an error. I may not have cleaned the tubes from the first experiment very well so that could have altered the results other second experiment. I also may have made the wrong measurements. Another thing was I had no partner so i could have made another mistake that my partner could have easily fixed. Their is a lot of errors i could have made. If could do this again i would probably make sure my measurements were correct and clean out the tube a little better.

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