Bsv Challenge Tom

toms results and Discussion


Trial # Bs Vinegar Result
1 10 50 70
2 5 55 40
Josh 1 5 55 62
Josh 2 4 56 62

I think that the second one went better for me because I think that I used Pure Baking soda and too much vinager. (thats my graph)
I know that the height I got is the best height because I did calculations to prove it. There are many things that could have gone wrong. Im sure that on experiment two that there was lots of human error. The reason that i think there ws human error involved is because we were doing it at the last minute and we were in a crunch for time. if i were to do this again i would be less rushed when doing this experiment. i would would also try to use my time more efficiently by studying my calculations hardder to give me more experimenting time.

For my calculations I found the number in grams that 1 mole of vineager is and likewise for baking soda. I then took into acount the dillution of each. after that i cross multiplied them to make them be equivilent but under 60 grams total.

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