Bsv Challenge Tori C

Discussion And Results:

Results: My results were all over the place. The first trial with 10 for baking soda, and 10 for vinegar, for that I got 0 in height. Then for the second trial with 5 for baking soda, and 15 for vinegar I got 43 millimeters in height. For my last trial was the best. It had more acid then base then the other's, with 3 grams for baking soda, and 17 grams for vinegar. The chemical reaction between the two went all the way to 60 millimeters.

Discussion: I know the height form my hypothesis was right because there was more acid then base and the acid is more powerful in the reaction then the base. Also because from the rest it had the less baking soda in the trial, and with that it went all the way up to 60 millimeters. There night be sources of error of this experiment because with the 10 for baking soda and 20 for vinegar it was at 0. When all the other's where more then that above the height of 40. Also that with me cleaning the tub without an sink it was hard to get all the access vinegar and baking soda. Another source of error is that really, I am bad at measuring, so I know I measured wrong at some point in my 1 hour of testing. If I were to do this experiment again I would change the amounts of baking soda and vinegar I put in to make it ether go higher then it was. In this experiment I learned some new things. Mostly how to conduct a experiment while being safe. That was a new thing for me to use tubes and to make a chemical reaction, and it was very cool. I can use that in the future in high school when we do Chemistry or biology.

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