Crazy Weather

Crazy Weather
By Alicia Huoth

LONGEST DROUGHT:The longest drought in the world was in a place called Atacama Desert of Chile. It is the driest place in the whole world. It only rains 1.5 cm. every year. The Atacama Desert is in the coast of Chile and it spreads east to the Andes Mountains. The drought lasted 400 years long. It started from 1571 until 1971.

ICE STORM: The North American ice storm took place in 1998. It was a massive ice storm that struck Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia in Canada. The ice storm damaged trees, electrical wires, which led to long term power outages. Their were at least 35 deaths and 945 injuries. The ice storm was a type of cyclonic system-mixed ice/snow/rain. Also their were 4 millions of people who were left in the dark for lots of weeks. It cost about 4-6 billon dollars to fix everybody’s house electricity and the things that were damaged.


LAKE EFFECT SNOW: When the cold winds prevail from the northwest in the Great Lakes, something happened called a Lake effect happened. A lake effect is when the arctic winds move across lake water, picking up water vapor which freezes and deposited into snow. So the lake-effect produces a significant difference between the snowfall on the southern/western shores and the northern/western shores of the Great lakes. The inches of snow can get up to 300 inches of snow each year. Lake effect snows on the Tug Hill Plateau can frequently set the daily records for snowfall in United States. Syracuse, New York, is directly south of the Tug Hill Plateau and receives significant lake-effect snow from Lake Ontario of snow a year, which is enough snowfall to often be considered cities in America.


O.C STORM: in the O.C, there was a bad storm. It was the middle of summer, than all of a sudden a storm happened in the morning. It was a dark morning when thunder, rain, started to happen. The thunder was so bad that it made houses shudder. Lots of things were destroyed by the thunder. All of the power was out and things started to blow up and that caused more destruction. The weird part that nobody knew was after all the destruction, everything just stopped and the sun came out. Lots of people were killed by the blowing up, nobody knows what happened that morning or what kind of storm it was it is unknown.

THE GREAT SOCORROW HAIL: The great socorrow hail storm hit on October 5, 2004 2-3pm. The hail that fell was bigger than golf balls and some were bigger than baseballs. All the damage cost millions of dollars. New Mexico Tech campus had the most damage. The hail damaged 80% of employ cars in the parking lot. Everything was dented and all the windows were shattered. The hailstones that were 2 inches long in diameter strikes about as 95mph. and the 5 inch long hailstones strikes about 120mph.. Also nobody knows what caused this or how it happened.

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