Dewpoint And Relitive Humidity

Have you ever wondered why there is water on the grass in the morning? Well this is the answer to your question.
Dew point is the point where the vapor in the air turns to liquid water and falls. The dew point changes everyday. The dew point changes with how warm or cool the air is. The warmer that the air is the more water molecules the air can hold. The colder that the air is the less water molecules that the air will be able to hold.
Let's say that the dew point is 64oF (that is pretty warm but not to warm). The air would be able to hold a fair amount of water molecules in the air. Once the temperature of the air reaches 64oF then the water vapor will have to condense on to something. If it was to cling onto dust molecules in the air then it would form clouds and if it was to cling onto the grass then it would make dew (that wet stuff on the grass in the morning).

Materials and Methods

-3 2 liter
- a stopwatch
-3 thermomaters
-a light source
-data sheet
-exacto knife


First you take the exacto knife and cut the 3 2 leter soda bottles at the top of the label. Next you messuer ½ cup of soil and put it into one of the 2 leter soda bottles. Then set it aside. In another bottle put the asphalt into on of the two bottles that are left. Put a thermometer in each bottle. Now you plug in the light source. Put the bottles under the light. Set the timmer for 3 minutes. When the timmer goes off write down what the tempeture that says on the thermometer onto your data this for 27 more minutes

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