Disney Green Cohort

Brandon Bernyk
I love to work with groups, even though i sometimes get in trouble, science is my stong subject. I tend to fool around, but when i do it is in a SMART way, and still on topic. I will add a sence of humor to my group.

Olivia Paulo
I am an organized person and I enjoy working in groups. I am really good at taking notes and although it sounds weird, I like to take them!

Russell Gordon
I like keeping the group concentrated on what they're doing. Im pretty good at finding my way through a website and i could make the wiki. I think my brain's more active in "out of the seat" work so yea i like building things and some times I think out side the box a little.

Robie Wilson
I'm good at building machines, gadjets, and gizmos. I love to rebuild broken machines and tinker with ones that don't work right. If I need to build somthing suspific than I help and maybe some instructions.

~George Dailey~
~I am really good person with computers. I am funny and somewhat outgoing. I will bring to my cohort, laughter, work, and constint listening to directions. ~
(\ /)

Victoria Rodriguez
I think that I pay important attention to detail, so durring experiments I would like to make precise measurements and graphs. I also enjoy organizing experiments, and projects. I am creative, and have many ideas for experiments.

Sue (:
I take neat notes, and am somewhat organized. I like working with a group. I stink at drawing, but I have always wanted to be able to draw things….besides stick figures.

i will add humor and a good arguement to my cohort, i will also add ideas. i am an excelent builder, i am a great graphic artist, and i am social and clowish to keeep things fun, but chemistry is a strong subject for me, just like the bottle rockets were, those are my two favorite kinds of science. but i dont no what the kind bottle rockets is considered. i enjoy working in groups, allthough i am not always good at it.
I am a Terrible Speller

Sue, Tori, Olivia and Jack's Half Cohort
We hypothesize that 1.01 grams of baking soda and 28.99 grams of vinegar will be the perfect ratio for a total of 30 grams of variables. However it will be difficult to measure these out exactly so we are planning on rounding baking soda to one gram and the vinegar to about 29 grams.

George Robie and Brandon

We think that 29g of vinegar and 1g of baking soda. We made math equations to prove our theory.

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