Disney Orange Cohort

Hypothesis: ther will be 1.05 Gs baking soda and ther will be 28.95 Gs of vinegar becuase the acetic acid is diluted to 2.5% so we have to double the amount of vinegar to keep the same chemial reaction.

Mike Conroy
What i will add to my cohort is a helping hand when ever possible. I will also prsuperscriptovide knowledge and encouragement. I will also provide laughs to keep things fun.

Will Sparks
What i will add to my cohert is the knowledge i know to help my peers. I will also add eager learnng abilities and like Mike said provide laughs to keep things fun. I also like to build stuff and an out of the box thinker.

bold textCarly Reyna

I am pretty organized for the most part, and I am an active listener. I am good at following directions, and fun to work with without losing focus of work at all.

Kalista Ahouse
I pay attention to details during experiments and I am organized. I listen in class and follow directions so that I can learn and help my teammates learn.

mike frey
i did two experiments and i found that the one with 1 gram of baking soda and 69 grams of vinegar went higher than the one with 5 grams of baking soda and 65 grams of vinegar.
height (CM) baking soda (grams) vinegar (grams)
experiment 1 35 69 1
experiment 2 30 65 5
experiment 3 24 10 60

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