Flood Waters

Will Sparks

Flood Waters

The flood waters that were the aftermath of the Levees breaking during hurricane Katrina were dangerous for many reasons. People who chose to swim would have to face the following: Animals, (such as crocodiles and snakes), mud, trash, human feces, chemicals, dead bodies, gas (which could light on fire), mold and everything that would be in a house or on the streets. These things are bad because they cause injury,death and disese. Besides what’s in the water another thing that is dangerous is the current. Because the water was poring out of Lake Pontchartrain there was a very strong current and you would be swept away or smashed into a house or tree.
A hazard that the people who walked through the water faced was that you didn’t know what hidden objects lay under the water so for example there could be a piece of medal you step on and slice your foot open. Also you don’t know where the ground drops so you could be walking and the of the sudden step in a ditch and hit your head and drown.

The worst flood in the world

The worst flood in the world took place on August, 1931 on the Yellow River in China. An estimate 3,700,000 died because of the flood waters. In the U.S. more people die of flash floods than any other storm. Floods contaminate clean drinking water such as the water that is stored in reservoirs. When floods destroy crops there is a shortage of food in the general area. Floods cause economic stress because of the above and also because of the serious damage they do and the shortages of tourism, and the cost of rebuilding.

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