Isabelle's Bsv Lab Practial Analysis

My Results

Baking Soda Vinegar Height
5 55 75mm
10 50 60mm

My results showed that when Me and Charlotte measured 5g of baking soda and 55g of vinegar that reaction made the ping pong ball go to 75mm. We saw that using those 2 measuerments made the ping pong ball go very high so we tried different measurements to see it would go any higher.Our 2nd measurements were 10g of baking soda and 50g vinegar, when we tried this the ping pong ball went to 60mm. When I compared this to Mike's heights which were 61.5mm the 1st time and 60.5mm the 2nd time and I saw that Charlotte and I got the ping pong ball to go the highest.


I know that my height is the best height because I asked around and no one got as high as 75mm. There are many possible sources of error from the experiment. An eror could be if we accidentally didn't measure right and if the baking soda din't have the flour in it to be diluted. But something that did happen was the leak on the bottom of the tube which could've made a difference in the height. If I were to do this experiment differently, instead of just assuming that the baking soda already had flour in it (based on what everyone else was using) I would make sure that I ask Peggy or Ms. Jensen if the baking soda already has flour in it. I would do this differently because if I accidentally used the baking soda without the flour already in it the whole experiment would mean nothing. In performing this experiment what I learned that I will most likely be using in the future was combining different types of elements, the calculations and just the names of the elements. I wil be needing this because when I grow up i want to be a pediatrician.

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