Hurricane Katrina Mold

Why is mold formed?

Mold is formed when places flood. Mold needs a moist or wet place to grow. Still water is ideal for growth because it is not moving which gives mold more places to grow and a longer time to grow. Mold is everywhere; it is usually not a problem in small amounts. Mold creates spores that travel unseen through the air. Mold then grows on most surfaces and destroys as it grows.

Why is mold a big deal?

It is true that people can live with small amounts of mold, but the mold from Hurricane Katrina left was not a small amount. The mold could grow higher than the water level; which could easily be 20 ft. high. Mold can ruin businesses too. Mold is not easy to get rid of; the only way to get rid of Hurricane Katrina mold was to limit moisture. Limiting moisture was nearly impossible with 20 ft. flood levels. Mold can do the following:

  • Make asthma worse.
  • Cause deaths.
  • Respiratory Distress.
  • Memory Loss.
  • Lost use of senses.

Hurricane Katrina Mold affected everyone, but people with allergies or asthma were more affected.

What did people do?

“NEW ORLEANS — Wearing goggles, gloves, galoshes and a mask, Veronica Randazzo lasted only 10 minutes inside her home in St. Bernard Parish (search). Her eyes burned, her mouth filled with a salty taste and she felt nauseous. Her 26-year-old daughter, Alicia, also covered in gear, came out coughing. “That mold," she said. "It smells like death."” Said Fox News. The mold was expensive to clean and test kits, for average household mold, was worthless to this mold. You could hire, expensive, professional mold cleaners, and they would check leakage in roofs, interiors, and heating and air conditioning vents. They also wore goggles, gloves, goulashes, and respirators and not just dusk masks. If your house flooded in Hurricane Katrina you would have to pay for expensive cleaning or you would have to demolish your house and dig 2 meters into the soil and replace it with new soil. Hurricane Katrina was brutal, the flood worse, and the clean up was expensive and even worse.

Deathly Mold in Hurricane Katrina

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