King Andrew M S Pledge

For home
1. Compost vegetables
2. 5 minute showers instead of 20 minute showers
3. Using a push lawn mower for my own house
4. Don't use a bag for the backyard since no one goes in the backyard
5. Shovel instead of snowblow
6. Don't run the car for 10 minutes in the morning
7. I will personally hang the laundry in the basement instead of using the dryer
8. Compost my grass clippings
9. Convince family to turn AC up 1 or 2 degrees
10. Drive a hybrid

1. Don't print extra copies of paper
2. Shut down computer after you use it
3. Turn off the light when you leave the bathroom
4. Shovel the sidewalks instead of snowblowing (could students come early on snowy mornings to shovel?)
5. Get blowdryers in the bathroom instead of paper towels

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