King Ben Pledge

At home I already do my part by

1. recycling
2. using bottles over again
3. taking shorter showers
4. limiting electric use
5. trying to not drive to much
6. and I personal save all the cans I drink to recycle for the refund

As for my parents

1. they are using the Eco friendly non plastic bags (from whole foods)
2. driving 55MPH on the high way
3. turning lights off
4. car pooling
5. and we have a compost

More things I could do

1. insted of cans I could buy big 2 liter bottles
2. I can buy in bulk
3. I can lower the amount of meat product that you eat each week

What IACS can do to reduce

1. continue the compost
2. recycling
3. turning off lights when there not needed
As an addition we can

1. invest in more efficient energy
2. if computers aren't necessary turn them off/unplug them

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