King Cairo S Pledge

I Pledge To…

(1) Keep the thermostat below 66 degrees, a change of 2 degrees on your thermostat brings your carbon footprint by 2,000 lbs and save 98$ each year
(2) Use scrap paper to print on the blank side
(3) Shorten shower to 10 min
(4) Use the library instead of buying books
(5) Try to bring lunch in Tuppaware containers instead of individual baggies
(6) To not bring sandwich meats to lunch
(7) Give all my the clothes that don't fit me anymore to my cousin or sisters or, if it doesnt fit any of them, to the Salvation Army
(8) Start our garden again to grow fruits and vegatables
(9) Hang ALL of our clothes on the line to dry
(10) Begin composting our fruits and vegatables again
(11) Not to buy fruits or vegatables when they're not in season
(12) Use a pen less and use a pencil more often

IACS PLedge to…

(1) Use the compost more often
(2) Have recycling bins in the hallways
(3) Have a Green Day to get the whole school more involved in the IACS Carbon Footprint
(4) Have students use pencils more often and/or use the computers more often to do homework and class work on
(5) Carpool more often (give teachers bonuses and students extra credit to get people wanting to carpool)
(6) Make buses more affordable

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