King Charlotte Pledge

Me and My faimilys pledge:
I will turn off extra lights when we are not in the rooms.
I will recylce everything that can be recycled etc. paper, plastics.
I will not leave car running for any extra time.
I will reduce tv and computer time from about 2 hours to about maybe 45 minutes.
I will not leave the water running.
I will not burn any extra things if necissary.
I will un plug any things that are not in usage etc. phone charger tv, straightener.

IACS' pledge:
We should have recyling bins in every home base.
We should use the hallways sun light for solar energy.
We should make a compost pile in the woods some where.
We should to use less paperand use the wiki if possible.
We should get some sort of fuel efficiant bus.
We should encurage car pooling for both teachers and students.

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