King Chris G Destiny Mike Corey Results

After we did all our 4 experiments, BS: 10 grams, V: 40 grams was the highest (37.5), so around there will be the highest ratio. Before I say anything else, I would say I would at least like to do two more experiments. One of the experiments. to use more vinegar and less baking soda,the other experiment is more baking soda, and less vinegar. Than I will really find out which ratio is the highest, I’m guessing one of 2 experiments I mentioned is the highest. But if I was going to choose a prediction withought doing any other experiment, I would say the highest ratio will be the one with more vinegar and less baking soda. That worked for us in the beginning when we did BS: 10 grams, V: 40 grams, so ess baking soda, more vinegar,I’m guessing if we do it even more, the higher the measure will get.

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