King Cloud Types

By: Destiny Cartier

Cloud Formation

Ever wonder how a cloud is made and how it's formed? Ever think how they turn gray from white? People have been always wondering why clouds are gray and how are they formed and if they are all alike. This is the cloud site for you.

How Clouds are Made and How they are Formed

When water vapor (which is in the air all of the time) condenses (water vapor condenses to liquid) on stuff in the air, it forms a cloud. You could say a cloud is formed by the vapor that turns to water around the dirt and dust to make a cloud. There are two clouds that are important and they're called cumuliform and stratus. A cumuliform cloud is a fast moving and a rapidly growing kind of cloud. Now a stratus cloud is a cloud that gets higher in the sky when air mass raises the cloud rises with it. Those are how clouds are made and formed and the two important ones and why.

Tips About Clouds

• A clear white cloud is good because it won't rain and it won't have any storms.
• A gray cloud is a bad cloud that would rain out or have a storm, like a thunderstorm.
• High level clouds form above 5000 meters (m).
• Middle level clouds form between 2000 and 5000 (m).
• Cumulus is a dense, fluffy cloud that has a fair weather.

Names of Different Types of Clouds

• Cumulonimbus
• Cumulus
• Nimbostratus
• Stratus
• Stratocumulus
• Altostratus
• Altocumulus
• Cirrostratus
• Cirrocumulus
• Cirrus

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