King Corey S Pledge

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My Idnividual Pledge

I pledge to take shorter showers(Try to reduce it by 2 minutes).
I pledge to bring a lunch box now and not a paper bag.
I pledge to lower my computer time(About 2 hours a day right now, try to reduce it to 1 hour and 15 minutes).
I pledge to ride my skateboard to closes places.
I will not bring turkey or other meat to school lunches.
I will try to bring plastic boxes for lunch.
I will put floerecent light bulbs in the basement and bathrooms.
I will turn off the lights when I leave the house and my room.
If it is possible, I'll turn off the plug on the TV when I go to bed.
I pledge to only play my electric guitar for 15 minutes a day(Usually at a maximum of 45 minutes).

IACS Pledge

IACS can turn off the lights in the hallway when light is pouring in.
IACS can turn set heating up at least one degree.
IACS can fit as much people as the bus can hold.
IACS can also put floerecent light bulbs in most of the school
IACS can just let kids hang out during indoor recess, not watching videos at Recess can waste alot of electricity.


Why meat commits to global warming? Well, cows create alot of methane(which is a greenhouse gas) by farting. Some people think this is a big problem so they are making a petition to stop buying meat. If we stop buying meat, they will stop raisng cows, so the less cows, the less methane.

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