King Corey S Results


For my results, my hypothesis, 5 grams of baking soda, and 55 grams of vinegar, went up to about 43 centimeters. For my other ratio for comparison, 8 grams of baking soda, and 52 grams of vinegar, went up to about 54 centimeters.


I know my height is the best height using mathematical equations. All the calculations and ways to figure out how to get it taught by Ms.Jensen, I understood it all. I understood why it gives you the best height, by using mole. Trying to get 5% acetic acid to be to 60 grams, so you make your vinegar 1200 g. I understood how you simplify to make it all = to 50 grams. One definete source of error in the experiment was not putting the soap bubbles in. If we did put it in, all the bubbles wouldn't have popped, and the bs and v would've had a higher height too. I would put the soap bubbles in with the vinegar next time for the reasons I just said. This might have not been an error for Cairo and I, but I know now you always have to clean your materials before you start another experiment. If you don't, some of the stuff you used last time will get mixed in with your experiment and it will mess everything up. It would really be bad if you would have to do the experiment over again.

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