King Definition Of Wind

Wind: when high pressure air travels to low pressure air.

Air moving is wind.

Land Breeze: When the sea is warmer than the land, at night. Breeze blows from land to the sea, high pressure to low pressure.

Sea Breeze: When the land is warmer than the sea, during the day. Breeze blows from high pressure to low pressure, from the sea to the land.

Convection cell: How you get high pressure and low pressure. For high pressure there is more convection cells, for low pressure there is less. When it rains there are less convection cells.

Example of a convection cell: Heat is down at the bottom, heat rises because warm air rises. For example a boiling pot of water heat goes up and starts to cool. Then it comes back down. When heat rises it causes low pressure, when it falls it creates high pressure.

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