King Different Kinds Of Snow and Hail

Did you ever wonder why hail forms instead of snow? Well when the temperature is below freezing and a single drop of water touches condensation nuclei (which is dust particles in the air) it instantly freezes thus forming hail. The updraft moves the ice pellet up and once the updraft gets too weak it drops this form its layers and this cycle repeats until the pellet gets too heavy for the updraft and finally falls. Hail can only form in a thunder cloud. The largest piece of hail ever recorded was 7 inches by 7 inches roughly the size of a soccer ball. Hail normally measures from 5 millimeters to 150 millimeters in diameter. GR means greater hail amounts fall at the same time. GS means gradual which means it starts out with small amounts and gradually makes larger quantities of hail fall.

Snow forms when rain water freezes and gets saturated with water and falls to the ground. There are many types of snow flakes but I will name the most common 8.

Columns shaped like a six sided column
Graupel when fog condenses on a snowflake
Hail many layered ice balls
Lake snow effect cold wind moves over a long distance of warm water
Needles circular shaped snowflakes
Sleet when ice pellets pass through a layer of warm air
Thunder snow when a thunder storm produces snow instead of rain because of a low temperature
Dendrites star shaped snowflakes

The Difference Between Snow And Hail
Hail is different than snow because snow is water that freezes in the air. Hail on the other hand freezes only when it touches dust particles in the air (condensation nuclei)



Kam Boutin October/23/2008
Rocks Under Salt Water
We are going to be testing the heating of the atmosphere from earth elements under salt water. In the groups recent tests they discovered that asphalt heats up the fastest, then soil, then white rocks. What will be the outcome if the materials are under salt water? They will have 4 bottles one will have just enough asphalt to fill the bottom of the bottle, one will have just enough soil to fill the bottom of the bottle. One will have just enough white rocks to fill the bottom, each bottle will have 80 milliliters of salt water, and a different type of element except for one which will have just water in it. They predict that the asphalt will heat up the highest because it is black
Materials And Methods
4 2 Liter Soda Bottles
4 Thermometers
Enough asphalt to cover bottom of the bottle
Enough soil to cover bottom of the bottle
Enough white rocks to cover bottom of the bottle
320 mililiters of water

1) Cut a slit in 4 bottles tape a thermometer on inside of each
2) 2) Put one different material to cover bottom of the bottle in each bottle
3) 3) Put 80 mililiters of salt water in each bottle
4) 4) Tape up slit
5) 5) Turn on light
6) 6) Log information every 2 minutes

The group found out that the temperature can skyrocket from 73 degrees farenheit to 81 degrees farenheit in 2 minutes. Every atmosphere stayed within 4 degrees of each other every 2 minutes except for the initial jump and the asphalt at the end.

The group got ther results because of human errors and group miss communication. Their results make complete sense according to their color. Their sources of error were opening the bottle cap off the asphalt, and when one of the group members faced the thermometer of the asphalt towards the light which made it heat up quicker. They said if they could re-design their project they would use sand instead of soil, and try to get digital thermometers. The asphalt reached the highest temperature at 100 degrees farenheit. They think that the asphalt heated up the highest because it is black which attends to absorb heat and because of human error.

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