King Different Kinds Of Tornadoes

There are many types of tornadoes. For example: A Fire Whirl Tornado, A Regular Tornado and A Dead Man Walking.

A Regular Tornado:
Wherever thunderclouds gather, there is a 50% possibility that a tornado will form. Tornadoes are usually in the East, and very rare in the west. Tornadoes only form on flat ground, the mountains, are the only places where tornadoes can't reach. Severe tornadoes take strong winds found anywhere on this planet, reaching speeds of 300 mph in some cases. Moderate winds that drawn into the vortex of the storm revolve faster and faster around a central core.
Tornadoes fascinate us in many reasons. On, their strong power, two their rarity, and three, the fact that they are dashing and free-spirited rogues. Like a hurricane, a tornado's clouds go counter clockwise, and very fast. Unlike hurricanes, a tornado is hard to avoid, and harder to predict. Isolated thunderstorms that generate tornadoes are called Tornado Storms Many smooth under-shaped-clouds look as though they are suspended from the base of the main cloud, when they are not.
The lightning you see during a tornado is caused by the crystal in the clouds. When they touch cold air, they charge energy and then it strikes. Up-currents and down-currents go through the mammatus. Mammatus is the Greek word for "breast".
Fire Whirl Tornado:
When there is a fire in a forest, and the heat from the fire meets the cold air in the sky, and the wind is blowing at a certain speed, a tornado forms. I instead of the air forming the tornado, the fire is pulled up from the ground, showing where the tornado is. Even though the wind should put out a candle flame, it cannot blow out a fire whirl tornado; instead, it makes it stronger. He fire on the ground is the 'Gas' or main ingredient for a fire tornado.

Dead Man Walking Tornado
A dead man walking tornado is when a regular tornado fumes to the ground, and then another fume comes out from the same point as the other one, and sometimes, there are arms coming from the cloud, making it look like a headless person walking and destroying the current piece of land.

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