King Eric M S Pledge

Here are some websites I thought would be very useful for my pledge. ENJOY!!!

Here are some things that me and my family can do to reduce our carbon footprint.

1. Minimize TV time to 45-60 minutes a day.

2. Recycle every recycleable item in our house.

3. Limit shower time to 3 and a half-4 minutes.

4. Convince my family to ony drive when it is neccesary.

5. Invest money into solar panels.

6. Invest money into a hybrid car.

7. Unplug electronical devices when not in use.

8. Go on family trips with the car to places close to home.

9. Use hedge trimmers instead of lawn mowers.

10. Walking or riding my bike to my friends house.

Here are some things that the IACS community can do to reduce our carbon footprint.

1. Put trash cans in each classroom.

2. Pick up as much trash on the ground as we can.

3. Invest money into solar panels.

4. Install a lightswitch that can turn off only certain lights in every classroom.

5. Convince teachers to make all of our homework assignments on this wiki.

6. Limit work on the computer for a half hour for each student.

7. Have students to bring reagular lunchboxes instead of paper bags.

8. Limit students to only use 2 pieces of paper on each project.

9. Have the person who cuts the grass use hedge trimmers instead of a lawn mower.

10. Have teachers to remember to turn off all lights in school before leaving.

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