King Floods

Floods can destroy things like cutting down electrical poles and wires. Also cutting off power supplies. This is bad because you need power to see and the power lines can land on the street. Wires can also be dangerous to people because one of the wires could hurt you.
How floods can hurt people are if the roads are flooded and no vehicles or ambulance can go by because the roads are flooded meaning some people can't evacuate also meaning people would get stuck in the flood current.
Some floods can pollute the water. polluted water is a problem because you usually don't know what’s in the water meaning things that could hurt you.
If the water becomes to high people evacuate. When floods also get to high houses get flooded. People probably evacuate if the water is to high by taking a boat or something. You take your car because the current will take your car with it.
The worst thing about a flood is when it's unexpected and there the most dangerous.
the biggest concern was the major floodings by Fay. and it just wouldnt go away for the longest time.
the flooding from fay casued many people to eveacuate.
fay was a tropical storm.

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