King Global Warmings Effect On Hurricanes


Global warming is due to gasoline as a car fuel. Warm water fuels hurricanes and the global warming heats the water to make the hurricanes stronger and could make more category 4s and soon 5s. If water from the North Pole floods the U.S. there will be no stopping hurricanes. All the warm water will flood the U.S. and fuel the hurricane possible making a stronger than category 5 hurricane. The water gets heated up because of the suns radiation increased by global warming. Hurricanes form when the water gets heated and clouds appear. The clouds start spinning due to the rotation of the earth ganging speed until it becomes a tropic storm and once the winds reach about 75 mph to become a hurricane. In the case of hurricane Katrina it hit the coast of Florida and weakened but, then unfortunately due to global warming’s heating of water on the coast of New Orleans the hurricane got stronger and bigger and eventually turned into a category 5. An article in National Geographic from August 4, 2005 said that Global Warming had practically no effect on the intensity of hurricanes. Then Hurricane Katrina hit on August 29th, 2005. Some scientists are saying that Global Warming is making hurricanes stronger, but the number of hurricanes isn’t increasing, there is about the same amount per seasons, but they are becoming more intense. The temperature of the ocean water has increased since 1970 by about .5 degrees Celsius. Some people disagree about the storms. If global warming continues the hurricanes will grow over time and if not already destroyed by the floods, the hurricanes will grow to the size of the U.S. granted the water from the North Pole hasn’t flooded the U.S. by that time of course the global warming took about 10 years to gain ½ a º it most likely will take about 800 years to make any nation threatening hurricanes, but we still need to stop global warming before it gets out of hand. A hurricane has incredible power the winds of a category 5 can tear shingles off a roof but eventually they will tear the ground apart.

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