King Hurricane Formation

By Mike Wang
Hurricanes are some of the most dangerous storms of our world. They tear through the east coast of the U.S. and the west coast of Africa. Forming near the equator, they are one of the most feared storms.

Hurricane Ingredients
One major ingredient of hurricane formation is 80 degrees temperature of ocean. Although, the water can not just be 80 degrees on the surface, it needs to be 80 degrees and 50 meters deep, which is equivalent to 165 feet. Also, there needs to be a cloudless sky, so the sun can clearly radiate on the ocean.

Hurricane Formation
The actual formation happens when the ocean reradiate from the sun, and the hot air rises leaving low pressure. Then, the air cools and expands, like convection. The cool air drops, creating high air pressure and creates wind(+++Definition of Wind), which moves from high to low pressure, blowing to the equator. Due to the water cycle(+++ Water Cycle By Tori Cafeteiro), cumulonimbus clouds(+++Cloud Types) form. (Big, dark clouds that bring thunderstorms.) Then, because of the Coriolis Effect (+++Global Winds, Hadley Cells) the wind moves sideways, instead of up and down this will create the spinning sensation of the hurricane. The spinning storm will need 79 mph winds to stage itself into a hurricane. Hurricanes are categorized by wind speed, on a scale from 1 (bad) to 5 (catastrophic).

Hurricane Facts
Hurricane season starts near the end of spring, and it goes to near middle of fall (middle of November). Hurricanes form near the equator, off the coast of West Africa, to go into the Atlantic Ocean. To the north of the equator, the hurricanes spin counter-clockwise, and south, clockwise. The hurricanes have different wind direction because of the global winds. In the south, they move from east to west, and the north, they move west to east.
Archetype of Hurricanes
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