King Hurricane Tracing How Storm Surges Work

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Tracking Hurricanes

Tracking hurricanes is done by scientists that can usually figure out a lot about the hurricane if they have accurate information. Tracking hurricanes are what scientist do to try to warn people of hurricanes 2-3 days in advance. To track the hurricane the scientist must know the direction it is going in, the speed the hurricane is moving at, how fast the winds are, the intensity of the storm, and what the longitude and latitude of the storms location is.

Cloud Patterns
You also need to know the cloud patterns, cloud top temperatures, and the sea surface temperature. Cirrus clouds are clouds that are found in the top right of a warm front and are composed mostly of ice crystals because of their height. Cirrus clouds also are the type of clouds that mean a depression, or the bottom of the cloud to judge the height of the cloud. change of the good weather. Scientist find these clouds by using laser beams pointed at

Satellite Pictures
To find the longitude and latitude of the storm the scientist use satellite pictures of the storm. The reason they use satellite photos and not pictures from a normal camera is because, a satellite camera can take pictures in the day and night, when a normal cameras can only take pictures in the day time. Satellite photos that show a twirling of clouds mean that a depression or tropical storm is in that area. Satellite pictures can also help determine the intensity of the hurricane at that time. Another important thing scientists use to track hurricanes is by using a airplane to fly through the storm and find out more exact information.

History of Tracking Hurricanes
Before 1940 scientist did not track hurricanes because they did not know how to. The only way you got warnings of storms back then was through ships that had seen it or had been through it. In 1940 scientist began tracking hurricanes with ships and air crafts. And in 1960 the scientists began taking satellite photos. The hard part of tracking a storm is that a storm can change its course and intensity very quickly causing you to have to find out new information about the storm often. That is how scientist track hurricanes in time to warn people about it coming.

Storm Surges From Hurricanes

A storm surge is a rise in the ocean as a result of strong winds from hurricanes. When a storm surge occurs the ocean water crashes onto the land as a powerful surge of water. While the actual surge of water hits the land there is usually a large amount of rain. The storm surge can causes flooding in low lying areas and if mixed with high tide then can cause worse conditions and more damage. The height of the sea surge depends on the level of the ocean and what would occur normally. The way scientists come out with the measurement for storm surge is by subtracting the regular high tide from the observed storm tide. Storm tides usually get to 15 feet or higher and happen during the second half the hurricane. The highest storm surge recorded in United States was during Hurricane Katrina in 2005 had a storm surge about 30 feet high. And those are a few things about Storm Surges that all 8th graders should know about.

2nd Paragraph: Independent Project

While I was working on this project I learned that I enjoy creating videos and directing them. I love being a leader and acting, so this project ended up being the perfect project for me. For this project to be as successful as it was I had to go through many different steps.

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I have to go in the back but I’m older, I should I should get the front seat! People who have younger siblings have to deal with these kinds of fights all the time. Speaking of having to deal with younger children, have you ever had to share a room with a sibling? No. Oh lucky you! No seriously you are lucky because many other kids have to deal there messy, annoying, and grumpy sibling. Those kids who have to deal with it they should have there own room.
Have you ever gotten into a fight with your sister or brother? The reason you probably got into this argument is because your little brother or sister was being annoying. One way you could name your sister as annoying is the way she snores really loud at night. So loudly that you don’t get any sleep and now you’re all grumpy! Another annoying thing your sister or brother might do is being as loud as they can while you’re trying to do your homework! Then at school the next day you get in a lot of trouble because of her. When we get home from that horrible day we yell at them about all the trouble they caused by being annoying.
One huge reason our siblings are annoying is there messiness. What is messiness? To some people it is seen as toys all over the place. After our siblings are done playing they just leave there toys sitting (on the floor) so by the time it’s the weekend and your parents tell us to clean our rooms the toys are already waist deep. To others messiness is seen as clothes all over the floor, under the bed and behind our bureaus. The resond they are there is because of our sisters who throw there clothes all over the floor when trying to find something to wear in the morning. Another thing that is seen as annoying is when your sister/brother makes a mess when she/he is perhaps feeding there pets and get the food all over the floor, so you have to sweep it all up. These problems usually lead to fights!!!
Our sisters/brothers get into a lot of fights with us. If we had our own rooms we wouldn’t get in as many fights as we do now, Because we wouldn’t have to play look or talk to each other. The most common thing we fight about is who has to clean up what. Our siblings (as i talked about in the 2nd paragraph) are very messy, so when the time comes to clean our room we get in a big fight.
As one can see sharing a room with a sibling can get pretty annoying. Having your own room will make our lives so much easier. Having our own rooms would prevent a lot of the fights we are having right now. It is apart of essential life qualities, one of them being privacy. In conclusion I strongly believe that siblings definitely should NOT share bedrooms.

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