King Josh S Pledge

I pledge to help reduce my own carbon footprint by:
1. Recycling paper, glass, and plastic.(I recycled 1 ton of waste this year)
2. Encouraging my uncle to split wood by hand by helping him split it by hand.(my uncle saved 3 gallons and 8 dollars this month)
3. *sigh* Restrict myself to 60 minutes of game time a day.(I saved 13 kilowatt hours this year)
4. Using the wiki, not paper.
5.Turning OFF the AC.
6.Using renewable resources and reusing them.
7.Unpluging my charger.
8.Thinking of a plan to create a solar wind farm.
9.Using a credit card when I'm older.
10.Reusing what I can.
I pledge to help reduce my schools CO2 footprint by:
1.Reusing bags.
2.Returning utencils.
3.Encouraging classes to be using the wiki.
4.Turning off lights when not needed.
5.Encouraging petitions.

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