Kaylie's Pledge

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My Pledge

I pledge to always turn off the water when my sister and I brush our teeth.
I pledge to pick a vegatarian meal at least once a week.
I pledge to ask my parents to drive at 55mpg as often as possible, when the law says it is okay.
I pledge to reduce my TV time by 1 hour, every day.
I pledge to unplug my laptop cord everytime it isn't in use.
I pledge to buy a lunch box, so I don't waste paper, by tossing out paper bags.
I pledge to use at least two tupperware containers for each lunch I bring to school.
I pledge to get a new water bottle so I don't waste as much plastic water bottles.
I pledge to cut my computer to less then one hour a day.
I pledge to turn down the airconditioning two degrees everynight in the summer.


I want us to bring in recycling bins for each class for not only paper, but also glass and plastic.
I want us to start collecting food scraps to add to Ozzi's compost pile.
I want us to start turning the lights off when it is light enough to see without them.
I want us to start using power strips so we can unplug computers for at least the weekend.
I want us to start saving money for a solar panel.

Old to New Dictionary

Archeli (Noun) [arch-eli] (Arch: first | Eli: sun)
The first sun, or the "beginning" for a lost religion
The priest taught the few people about the archeli, their beginning of life or the world.

Biblnecryne (Noun) [Bibl-necr-y-ne] (Bibl: book | Necr: the dead | ne: new)
The sacred book of the dead and the new of a lost religion
This book explained everyone dead and born in this city, only the priests would be allowed to look at the Biblnecryne.

Biodemon (Noun) [bio-demon] (Bio: life | Demon: evil spirit)
Demon or evil spirit given life by bad memories and thoughts
The biodemon charged at me and I felt my happy thoughts run out, I knew he would grow stronger.

Cryptchron (Noun) [crypt-chron] (Crypt: Hidden, secret | Chron: Time)
A secret time that things are hidden in a lost religion
The cryptchron was a time for hiding away precious things.

Henecr (Noun) [he-necr] (He: god | Necr: the dead)
The god of dead for a lost religion
They say Henecr shoots up from the ground in black flames to clam any dead.

Hydroglyph (Verb) [hydr-o-glyph] (Hydr: water | Glyph: to carve)
To carve a picture with water
I hydroglyphed a star into the ground and then turned off the hose.

Lithicon (Noun) [lith-Icon] (Lith: stone | Icon: image)
A picture carved into stone
I studied the lithicon on the cave wall, it must have been very old.

Maniamim (Verb) [mania-mim] (Mania: Passion for | Mim: imitate)
To have a passion to imitate others
The mime had mainiamim, he could not stop imitating us.

Pentapetrpyro (Noun) [pent-a-lith-pryo] (Pent: five | Lith: stone | Pyro: fire)
A circle of five fire stones, from a lost religion
Each of the five rocks were huge and it did look like fire was dancing on them, no wonder they are called pentapetrpyro.

Thephilytox (Noun) [the-phil-y-tox] (The: god | Phil: love | Tax: Poison)
A god from a lost religion who is in charge of love, which the people of this religion believe is toxic or poison or evil
They lined the gifts to thephilytox, their love god, who they are afraid of, no one wants to be in love.

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