King Mike's Pledge

My individual pledge

I pledge to reduce my computer use. Right now, it's about 3 hours a week, and I want to bring it down to 1 hour a week (with the exception of school work).
I pledge to unplug electronic resources when I'm not using them, because if something's off, it still sucks up power.
I pledge to convince my parents to drive 55 mph on the highway. This will maximize their mpg.
I pledge to limit my TV time. Right now, it's about 2 hours a day, and I want to limit it to 1 and a half hours (half hour difference).
I pledge to use tupperware. Right now, I use about three plastic bags a day, and I'll use 1 or 2 bags.
I pledge to minimize my showers because it won't waste water.
I pledge to limit my meat consumption, because it emmits a lot more CO2 to make 1 calorie of meat than 1 calorie of grain.
I pledge to get a sport water bottle so I won't waste plastic. Right now, I use about 13 plastic bottles per week, so I want to bring that down.
I pledge to turn down the heaters during the winter, and the AC up in the summer. In the summer, I can wear shorts and T-shirt, and use fans; in the winter, I can wear warm clothes, and carry a blanket around with me in the house.
I pledge to reduce my phone use, because it will keep CO2 levels down.

IACS pledges

I want IACS to invest in Solar or Photoelectric panels. This is for a better energy source.
I want IACS to use Cellulose Insulation. This contains heat in the winter.
I want IACS to install wind power. Again, this is for a better energy source.
I want IACS to install recycling bins into each classroom. Right now, we just throw stuff away, and then, we'll be able to lower our school's CO2 emmisions.
I want IACS to use the compost pile more, so it'll decompose and we can use it as fertilizer.

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