I pledge to help reduce my family's carbon footprint by:

1. Recycling
2. Restrict myself to 30 minutes of game time a day
3. Use the wiki, not paper
4. Reusing what I can
5. Shorten my shower to 5 minutes
6. lower the thermostat down 3oF in the winter and increase the thermostat by 5 oF in the summer
7. Cut down on how much meat that I eat
8. Eat food that is localy grown
9. Filter by own water rather than buying it in bottles
10. Dry my clothes on the line instead of useing the dryer

I pledge to help reduce my schools CO2 footprint by:

1. Reusing bags
2. Encouraging classes to be using the wiki
3. Turn off lights when not needed
4. Plant a tree
5. Put the homework, progress reports and other stuff that needs to go home on to the wiki
6. Use Smencils (go to to learn more about them)
7. Install wind power
8. Install recycling bins into each classroom
9. Use the compost pile more, so it'll decompose and we can use it as fertilizer.

Alyssa Cowan

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