King Quinn S Pledge

Family Pledge

I pledge to take shorter showers, from 10 minutes (right now) to minutes (what it will be).
I pledge to take reusable tupperware to school rather than throw out plastic bags.
I pledge start using fluorescent light bulbs to conserve energy.
I pledge to convince my dad to make fewer meals with meat, from 3 meals per week to 1 meal per week.
I pledge to convince my parents to be more concerned about the car use, like driving 55 mph on the highway and keeping their tires properly inflated.
I pledge to use my bike to get to nearby places rather than a car.
I pledge to recycle as much as possible if not already done.
I pledge to use my computer for mostly school work only, rather than games.
I pledge to cut back on video games, from 6 hours on weekends to 4 hours on weekends, and progressively less.
I pledge unplug most things in my house after usage is over.

IACS Pledge

The school could 1 hour each when we shut off everything and we use the daylight to see.
The school could put recycling bins in every room for glass, plastic, and paper.
The school could have all the power off for one day (on Green day the day the science group is planning to have)
The school could lower the price for the buses so more people will go on them causing there to be less cars, emitting less carbon.
The school could have some kids go around at the end of the day and unplug all the computers that they are allowed to unplug.

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