King Rain

Why It Rains

It rains because it is part of the water cycle and the planet is covered with 98% of water. The water cycle starts with the sun

rays beating down on top of the earth and water, this is called heat transfer. The type of heat transfer that happens is called

radiation. The radiation heats up the water and turns the water into a gas called water vapor. The water vapor is heated and

the air rises up into the sky and this is called evaporation. Then the temperature of air lowers down. The water vapor attaches

itself to dust particles as it goes up into the sky. This happens because of the dew point it reaches the dew point level and

turns into liquid water. Then all the particles form a cloud, but when the cloud gets too dense the water has to escape and it

falls back to the earth and that is how it rains. The other kinds of precipitation are snow, rain and hail.

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