King Famous blizzards 1978

What is a snowstorm?
When a big rain storm wants to happen in the winter and it is to cold it will turn right into snow and will be the same amount of snow as if it had rained the day or night. When two air masses move together, they will create one big storm that will be very destructive, especially in the winter.

Famous Blizzards
The most famous blizzard in New England was the blizzard of 1978, where it dumped 3 ft of snow on the ground very fast. The blizzard of '78 happened because 3 cold air masses moved together. All this cold air caused a lot of snow. People were trapped in their houses and cars for a day or two and the snow just kept on piling on. People could not leave their houses, and people were starving. This was because some had no power and some people could not go out and buy food to eat. So they had to starve. Many people died and many people were badly injured from homes collapsing on them. Snow plows were not assessable to people because the plows could not see. Also because there were so many people on the roads so the plows could not get by. A lot of people lost their power and froze in there homes due to no heat. The blizzard of 1978 was the worst snow storm in Massachusetts and had the largest amount of snow ever to fall in Massachusetts. During the storm of 1978 there was no visibility at all. When the winds got worse and people could not drive, they had to pull over and wait till the storm was over. People could not move their cars because the snow was too deep, so they were stuck in their cars till the storm was over. You could not walk outside because it was so windy and the snow was blowing all over the place. This was the worst and most famous storm in New England and it also had the most snow fall.

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jake zierhoffer 10/24/08

THIS WEEKEND: You need to edit this for grammar and spelling (get help), write your results and your materials and methods. Make a graph based on data table.


The difference between weather and climate are that weather is snow rain hail ect. But climate is when it stays cold for a while or it stays warm for while. Dessert, tropical rain forest polar and temperature are different climate zones. Global climate change is when things that were cold stay worm longer or the earth will stay cold longer after winter. The sun heats the earth because the sun forms radiation and then it radiates and goes up and expands. The land heats up faster and the sea hold the heat longer in the night time.
The greenhouse effect is like a blanket because it stays at a certain temperatures. It is not to warm or not to cold just right. Co2 N2o and CFCs are the gases in the greenhouse that are polluting the air. With no greenhouse it will be really cold because there is no where else the gases can go. The greenhouse gases come from the plants, cars, trucks, four wheelers, and people’s heaters and furnaces. The greenhouse effect is getting too much because the air is getting warmer and soon we won’t have snow. Global warming is in effect and getting worse
My testable question is that what does sand, soil, or asphalt heat the atmosphere more? My hypothesis was asphalt because it is black and absorbs heat and also because we believe that it would warm faster than the soil and the san.


  1. soda bottles
  2. Thermomaters
  3. light
  4. soil sand and tar

what we did is we took 3 soda bottles and put sand in one tar in one and soil in one and then we put them under a light for 30 min and took data every to min to see what was the highest tempature and we all thought tar would be the one but it was soil.
RESULTS: Soil heated up the most. In 30 minutes it heated up to 31 degrees Celsius.

DISCUSSION: I thought it went well because we all worked well and did not have a lot of arguments and we all did our task. We did not goof off we all were self directed and we helped each other when we were stuck on something. We all went over our stuff and did not say it is fine we will revise it when it comes back we did ii before we turned it in. Soil heated up the most. I think soil heated up the most because it is black and absorbs heat and is damp most of the time. I thought that asphalt would heat up the most due to it being black. Tar a lot at home heats up and is very hot. Our results don’t make sense because soil should have not heated up the most. Tar would be the one I would think. Our sources of error there was more light on the soil and this means more light, heated up more. Maybe the soil was warm before that. Maybe the thermometer could have been broken or not work that well or the tar was cold before we started the experiment. I think that soil holds heat longer than tar. Next time we should see how cold the soil is or how warm the soil is because that could be why it was warmer then the rest.

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