King Tom's Pledge

Me And My Family

  • Buy soy based ink for pens they are much less toxic.
  • Replace paper towels with rags from old bathroom and beach towels.
  • Plant perenial flowers not anuals
  • Replace standard lights with LEDs or CFL lights for efficiency. I will do this in three rooms.
  • Cramp up your freezer and fridge to reduce amount of cooled air. I will make the whole thing so there is almost no room.
  • Reduce water heaters temperature and wrap it in insulation. I 2ill reduce it by 10 degres and wrap it up.
  • Connect outdoor lights to a timer.
  • Reduce water in toilet.
  • Avoid Products with layered packaging.
  • Reuse shopping bags, the oil needed to make 14 will power your car for a mile.

I will quantify most of these by looking at energy bills the others will just be guessed.

  • Invest for solar Panels.
  • Hand write more assignment.
  • Buy carbon offsets.
  • Put signs around school that support green lifestyles
  • Unplug Computers at night.
  • Try to get surge protectors.
  • Get a small wind generator to put on the roof to power a few things
  • Reduce amount of water in toilets
  • Use latex based Paint in art
  • Use both sides of paper for everything.


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