King Tori Pledge

My Personal Pledges:
1. To recycle old papers
2. To reuse my water bottles
3.To reduce my computer usage ( from 2 hours a night to 1 hour and 15 minutes)
4.Unplug electronics (Labtop, phone charger, lamp, T.V)
5. Turn off the light when done in that room
6.Convince my mom to put larger loads of laundry into the washing machine
7.To take shorter showers (To 15 mintues)
8. To bring tuppleware instead of baggies
9. To eat less meat( Eveynight i have meat. So I will ask my mom if i can only have it 2 times a week. Also i wont bring meat to school)
10. Recycle

What I want ICAS to do:
1. to buy solar powered panels
2.To turn off the lights more often when it is sunny out
3. where the sun shines in the halls don't use the light use the sunlight
4. To put recycling bins in the cafeteria, and every classroom
5. to not use vacuums
6. at lunch to make a trash can for scraps of veggies and stuff for the compost
7. to bring plastic containers more then the plastic baggies
8. to use the front and back of paper
9. To get the hand dryers we had last year in the old school
10.To turn the degree in the room up

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