King Tornado Formation

Tornado Formation

Tornadoes are one of the most destructive weather phenomenon’s that have ever crossed the Earth. The truth is that scientists don't really have a full understanding on how the tornado starts or how it forms. They're a lot of different hypothesis on how it is formed; it is one of the most confusing but most exiting things to learn about in weather.

Thunder Storm Formation
This is one hypothesis on how a tornado is formed. But first you need to know how a thunderstorm is made because tornadoes need a thunderstorm to form. Warm moist air from lower altitude (which is full of water vapor) get's pushed up by sea breeze or mountain breeze. Another word for this is called an updraft. The updraft rises up to cold air in higher altitude and causes instability in the atmosphere. Now this is where the part of the water cycle comes in. The warm air goes up to the cold air, the warm air condensates which means it turns into a liquid because the air is so cold. The liquid picks up dust in the air and creates these huge thunderstorm clouds. The thunderstorm gets full of water and starts to cause precipitation, hail, water, or snow. The updraft that's rising keeps the thunderstorm from dissipating though.

How a Super Cell is Made
One of the many thunderstorms out there is called a super cell storm. This is one of the most destructive, but it's very rare and most likely to produce a tornado. The super cell can be formed by cold dry air from Canada and warm moist air from Mexico colliding in the middle of the country. But this can happen everyday, and every day a super cell can be formed. It has to be in the right season, March to May and the right time of day. This has to be the right amount of moistness and dryness. It just has to be perfect for the conditions to cause a super cell and maybe eventually to cause a tornado. Also of course, the water cycle has to be collaborated as these two forces meet to cause a super cell.

How a Tornado is Formed
Now if all these things happen, what do you think would happen, if a moving cold mass of air is colliding with a stationary mass of warm air will cause a cold front, and the opposite will happen to cause a warm front. This thunderstorm must be huge, if a moving mass of cold dry air and a moving mass of warm moist air collide in the middle of the U.S.A,(Tornado Alley) it'll cause a massive thunderstorm, a super cell. Now this thunderstorm is a super cell, and it starts rotating by the force of the two air masses. Now this is where it gets important, if the updraft makes a sudden difference in wind direction, it is likely the super cell will create a tornado. The more developed and faster the wind gets, the more compact the tornado is going to get. This is like a figure skater spinning and when she puts her arm to her side, she get's faster. The tornado causes so much destruction and so much chaos, as it gets more and more terrifying every second.

How a Tornado is Finished
But all things have to come to an end. A tornado gets finished off by the cold air in high altitude pushing down on the tornado (down draft) and pushing it until there's nothing left.



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