King Water Cycle

Chris Walker 10/3/08 HB:King

My report for the science project is the one and only Water Cycle. This gives us fresh water and keeps us alive.

Start of the Water Cycle
The cycle starts when the sun's heat evaporates water from the oceans into the atmosphere to form clouds.

Middle of the Water Cycle
When the water is being evaporated up to the sky and turns into water vapor. When the dew point happens the water vapor condensates and they cling onto dust particles and that forms clouds. The clouds release water as rain or snow. Most of the rain or snow falls in the ocean, but the rest falls on land.

End of the Water Cycle
Rivers and streams collect water from the land and return it to the ocean so the whole cycle can start all over again.

Why Does the Water Cycle Eever End?
The water cycle never ends because the salt water consistently supplies fresh water to the contents. Thats my report on the water cycle.


Water Vapor: You can't see it, it is invisible, it is in the dust particles. Dust particles are everywhere. On a day that is really humid, there is a lot of water vapor.

Evaporation: When there is a puddle of water on the ground the sun sends radiation to the earth and the puddle slowly disapears untill gone. Then once in the air the cling on to the dust particles making clouds. Then once the clouds are dark enough they will drop water. Thats why when dark clouds drop rain because they hold so much water.

Condensation: The water vapor gets cold and turns into a liquid.

Condensation nuclie: When the liqid clings on to the dust partcles in the to form clouds.


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