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charlotte saint germain :]
I can bring many things to my group , such as knowledge , orginazzation , spelling and grammer skills , and having a great time this quarter .

Chris Garvey


My testable question is which 'foodstuff' creates the most methane as it decomposes? The 'foodstuff' that I am trying are oranges, bread, apples, and bananas. I will leave all of them in 1 L bottles with balloons on the top to catch the methane for 2 weeks, and measure the circumference of the balloons at the end of the last day. My hypothesis is that the apple will create the most methane as it decomposes because I made an experiment to life connection that a lot of people say that apples are good for compost.
Methane is a gas that is found in a heavily forested area. CH4 or H4C is Fruits create methane as they decompose. Decomposition is when something that was once alive (including fruits) has died and starts to decay. Decaying is breaking apart and gasses escaping.
.My choices for 'foodstuff'. The bread was like a control. If every one of the bottles wasn't creating methane, then maybe it would be the fruit. But the bread is a wheat, not a fruit, so if it creates methane and the fruit does not, then we know that the fruit was the problem. I chose the apple because I was trying to replicate my sister's experiment as best as I could, because in her experiment, all of the balloons were almost fully inflated. The orange was chosen because I thought maybe the citric acid could burn through the balloon when the citric acid becomes a gas. The banana's skin could play a part because we don't eat it as if it were a fruit.

4 1 liter bottles
4 latex balloons
75 g banana
75 g apple
75 g orange
75 g bread
knife to cut food
paper towels
tape measure
My methods were to cut up every fruit, measure every fruit until I had 75 g of banana, 75 g of apple, 75 g of bread, 75 g of orange. Then, I placed each one into a 1 liter bottle, individually. I put latex balloons over the nozzle of every bottle, placed the bottles in a room temperature area with no sunlight. I waited two weeks, measuring the circumference with a tape measure and taking a picture every day.

Human error: not everyday, MCAS, missed some days
Herbert Clark Hoover was a great president elected in horrible times. He had all the right ideas for our country but he was faced with a situation that the best presidents would fail to correct. For those of you who don’t know Herbert Hoover was the 31 president of the United States. He also was a very accomplished geologist which brought him to china.
Herbert Hoover was born in a small town in Iowa. He was also raised Quaker so he didn’t believe in the use of guns, his religion that played a big part in what he believed. By the age of 9 both of his parents had died so he was later put under the custody of his uncle who farmed and lived near West Branch Iowa.
When it was time for Herbert to choose a college he was faced with a very tough choice, He would either go to a Quaker school or the recently founded Stanford University. There he found that he had a fascination with science, especially geology. There he also met the love of his life Lou Henry.
They happily married in 1899. Its unclear weather they had kids or not. They never divorced and they were a very happy couple. I believe that her support could have bean one of the reasons why he wanted to become the president.

Chris Walker
I will do good in this project because I like hands on projects. I am very good at building. I am also a good writer and typer.

Destiny Cartier
I'm Destiny and I have the power to focus in my yellow team group for building and helping out, like when working on the science project is that I'm best at following along by helping clean out the tube and measuring up the tools for the project. That's what is best in what I can come up with.

our hypothisis is that you will need 28.57g of vinigar and 1.01g of baking soda for our perfect experiment. we will also try 2g of bs and 28g of vinager. and last, we will try 3g of bs and 27g of vinager.

Mike Wang
v I'm Mike and I'll bring brains, humor, and great measuring skills to the Yellow Cohort. I'm really good in math and science, so it'll help. I am also a good worker, role model, and just a good person overall.

Corey Ross
I think I'm a good candidate fo paying attention to detail. One example is when were putting an object on a scale, I make that it's the weight I want, not one gram higher, not one garm lower. Another example is when we need to measure something in the tube, I make sure it's the measure I want.

Mike Wang

Adam Roscoe

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