Why People Loot

There are lots of reasons why people loot.
One reason was it was free stuff, another answer was that the looters were mad about what happened.
When people first started looting, they took food because they ran out of food and they were hungry."At one store, hordes of people from all ages, races and walks of life grabbed food and water. Some drove away with trunkloads of beer." They started to steal more electronic things.
People were so desperate they even stole food from a police truck.
They stole guns for protection from stuff in the water or other people.

What People and Police Did To Stop Looters
I got different answers to what people and police did to stop looters. One source said that police don't do much unless someone is getting harmed. Another answer is the police, and the White House are trying to stop looters from looting more populated areas."They are starting to get closerto heavily populated areas-hotels,hospitals, and we're going to stop it right now," Nagin said. They would do this because more people would get harmed.
Police had a lot to do. They had to rescue people, recover bodies and property, stop the looting, and try to give food and water to people."We're multitasking right now," said New Orleans Police Capt. Marlon Dafillo. "Rescue, recovery, stabilization of looting, we're trying to feed the hungry." "We will restore law and order,"Blanco said."What angers me the most is that disasters like this often bring out the worst in people. I will not tolerate this kind of behavior."

What People Looted
There were alot of different answers to what people loot for example at first people only looted food because they ran out of food and were hungry and had to support their family. Another example of what people looted were electronic devices. Lastly people even looted guns.

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