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Big Hurricanes After Katrina

Russell Gordon

After Katrina there were a series of other hurricanes including 2 of the most powerful hurricanes Rita, and Wilma.

Hurricane Rita

Rita was the first to hit the US after Katrina happened and was the 2nd category 5 in the season. It formed on the 29 of August near the Bahamas and became a Category 1 hurricane on its way between Cuba and Florida the next day. On the 31st it increased from category 3 to 4 and was making a steady curve. It became category 5 on the 2nd of September and then declined and hit the border of Texas and Louisiana.

The towns of Port Arthur and Beaumont Texas were hit by the eye and popular town Houston was missed by a hair and was not hit by any of the hurricane. Oil platforms, rigs, and refineries where evacuated which caused a lot of oil and gas shortage. The hurricane killed 6 people and died on the 4th in south Missouri.

Hurricane Wilma

Wilma was the most powerful all season, with a barometric pressure of 882mB. It was a category 5 with winds near 175 mph. The storm started in October 17 hitting Jamaica with a tropical storm which just dose only a rain and some wind. As it headed toward the Gulf of Mexico it turned into a category 1 and then it skyrocketed into a category 5 hurricane on the 19th. But thankfully it hit the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico) only as a category 3 on the 21st , then it made a sudden turn toward Florida as a category 2. It skimmed Cuba as a category 2 and then turned into a category 3 half way to Florida and hit it the same day on the 23rd.

The cost of damage it made would be over a billion dollars and 19 people were killed. The hurricane died off the coast of Nova Scotia (Canada) on the 25.



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