Roof Top Rescues

Why Were People on Their Rooftops?

The people that were hit by hurricane Katrina in New Orleans were flooded out of their homes and had to stay on their rooftops. They were on their rooftops because their basements and their first floor and their second floors were flooded.

Why Did They Need to be Rescued?

They needed to be rescued because when they were on their rooftops it was too hot to stay there for a long time. But if they tried to open the doors then all the water would come in and flood the home and probably drown them. Also when their on the rooftop there was no food so the people might starve if they weren't rescued. They would also get dydrated.

Why Couldn't They Swim Off of Their Rooves?

These people that were stuck on the rooftops couldn't swim because the water was polluted with gases and oils and other deadly things like crocodiles and snakes. They were rescued by helicopters that would hover over you and had the men go down and get you on the helicopter.


dangerous weather FLOODS by Michael Allaby

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