Tornado Forms


What is a tornado?

A tornado is a fierce rotating air and debris funnel that starts as a cumulonimbus cloud. Most tornadoes last only about 10+++ minutes.

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A lot of tornadoes are "Different from what Dorothy saw"-(

dust devils- these tiny tornadoes usually occur in very warm desert areas. Unlike how most other tornadoes form,(by a cloud) these guys form when the surface becomes cooler than the air, and rises dirt coming along with it. alike to any other tornado, the coreolis effect spins it around in a counter-clockwise direction, and an updraft forming the eye of the tornado.

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water devils-evils are the "aquatic cousins of dust devils"-(Dangerous weather:Tornadoes, Michael Allaby) These close cousins to the dust devis, are often found in freshwater lakes. Like dust devils, these aquatic devils are not formed by a cumulonimbus coud, or any cloud for that matter. These tornadoes are formed by strong winds pushing against each other in a spinning motion. Soon, just as the dust devils were formed, the water devils were formed alike to them.

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wedge tornadowedge tornadoes may be on the larger side of tornadoes, but they are one of the weaker ones. though they may not be very strong, they cover a much wider path than a classic tornado would. These tornadoes are formed-unlike the dust, and water devils-like a normal tornado that you see in movies.

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rope stage-"everytornado has a life cycle" -( The most violent belive it or not, the rope stage. The reason it is called the rope stage is because from far away, the tornado appears to look like a string being shaken frantically from a cloud.It is the strongest, most dangerous form of a tornado.

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by:Michael Allaby

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