Tornadoes In Hurricanes

Hurricanes and tornadoes are both very devastating but combine they cause mass chaos

Tornadoes: Tornadoes have been legend to be a very destructive mass. These form in warm weather and start with warm moist air from the gulf and cold dry air from Canada. Last up to 2 hours max and they are mostly small areas and have 175mph winds.

Hurricanes: Can only from over water and they evolve from tropical storms. They cover a vast area of land. They have been very destructive and cause all kinds of whether except for the good kind like sun and warm weather.

The Disaster: Tornadoes usually cover small areas where
the cyclone is but tornadoes can move! The rate in which the
twister moves is usually undetermined but an average is 45mph.
The path of a tornado leaves nothing but destruction, they can whip
out almost anything. Hurricanes are the big things. They cause a lot of disaster in a lot of places. These storms cause flooding, high winds, lightning, all kinds of precipitation, and rarely Tornadoes!

A Disaster with in a Disaster: Because of the conditions for a tornado to form inside a hurricane, these are a rare sight. But even though rare is not forever. A hurricane in the right conditions can form multiple tornadoes! These conditions contain:
• Occurring almost always NE of the eye
• Always far from the eye
• Not near any hail or lightning
• Only form after landfall

These “double damages” as Kieth Broad called them, usually last up to 30 minutes and are less intense than a normal hurricane. These can also mainly occur at any time of day or night. Landfall is essential to the forming of these tornadoes.

Landfall: When a hurricane hits land/shore

Other Storms: For example
hurricane Rita sprouted 51 tornadoes in its wrath! And recently Andrew had 26 tornadoes, infact Andrew was the most destructive. These storms where both two very destructive hurricanes, so let’s hope there’s no more.

Hurricanes and tornadoe
by Niel Morris

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