+Wetlands Importance Of Disappearance
by Carly Reyna

Introduction: What's Happening to the Wetlands Disappearing?

Some people don't know that the Louisiana Wetlands are disappearing. Some people do know that they are being lost, and just let this global crisis go. Mostly Humans cause the close extinction of the Wetlands in Louisiana. For example the instillation of the Levees caused Wetlands to fade. Or any other Development along the Mississippi River all cause the coastal wetlands to live no longer. After these contraptions of men and women wetlands are now underneath canals. Since the 1930's the lost rate of wetlands is at 1,900 sq m. If we stop building maybe the wetlands have hope to exist. This is known as one of the worst environmental problems of the United States of America!

Why Wetlands are Good?

Wetlands are a natural resource of our environment. For example the wetlands of Louisiana cause a usual flood from the Mississippi River, and a protection of storm surges. Meaning it could of stopped damages of Hurricane Katrina! Some of the U.S.A. wildlife live in this certain area of the world.If we lose the Wetlands animals could die or migrate to somewhere that is an inappropriate environment.

How Much is Being Lost?

You might be like "oh no how much of the wetlands we lost is not that bad". Well be prepared to think wrong.

  • In 33 minutes an acre is lost.
  • In a year 25 sq m is lost.
  • Every 38 minutes a football field length lost of wetlands.

The Sourses I Used to Find My Information.



Katrina: Tragic costs of wetlands by Abby Kennedy Field Coordinator

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